Food versus fashion round 2 – black jackets and green smoothies

In Food vs Fashion Round 1, I promised an exchange of expertise, and here it is!

Dijanna from Wardrobe 101 was sent on a journey to unlock some of the dark secrets of my wardrobe with the only half tongue-in-cheek warning that there might be more work in there than she bargained for. It was as much a search-and-destroy mission as it was a mercy dash to search-and-accessorise! It’s not that bad, really, but many of my clothes had ceased being an inspiration, and that needed to change. Or the clothes had to! The equation was pretty clear.

Sure enough, when I returned not five minutes later, it was to a heap of clothes that resembled the detritus of the fashion world and the early stages of a bonfire much more than it did a well-maintained treasure. So I guess I didn’t disappoint her .. or maybe I did!

In any case, after explaining why these clothes were headed to the great clothes rack in the sky (which you can see in the video), she softened the blow with some kind words for a cropped black jacket which had survived the cull due to its versatility. Dijanna showed me three easy and gorgeous ways to style it that will see me off to a casual lunch with girlfriends, a more formal meeting with a corporate client, or a movie opening at the Verona.

You can check the outfits out below, but in the meantime, see what was ditched and why.

Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

While Dijanna was working her magic, I had snuck into the kitchen to whizz her up Quirky Cooking’s ‘My Favourite Green Smoothie’. It’s actually my second favourite smoothie, beaten to the no.1 ranking by the Coconut Chai Green Smoothie from her new cookbook (which is one of the prizes in this big giveaway!). It’s a great breakfast option for Dijanna and her family (and quick!), and I’m hoping she will add it into her growing repetoire of nourishing, yet snappy family meals.

Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion Feature

Here’s how to make this delicious green smoothie…

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Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

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Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

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Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

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Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

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Finally, leave a comment in this blog telling me which cropped jacket outfit  is your favourite (1, 2 or 3) and why.

Brenda Janschek - Food Vs Fashion

Terms and conditions:

* This giveaway runs until midnight, 6th of August 2014.
* The winner will be chosen randomly.
* This competition is open to Australian residents only.
* The winner will be announced by email.

Best of luck everyone!

Bren x

PS: Did anyone notice I’m wearing the same shoes and bag in each picture. She’s a clever gal that Dijanna!

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  1. Emma

    Oops. Ok, so I can’t decide between two and three. I love two for a casual weekend look going out for coffee etc. and I love three because to me it looks very European, tres chic!

  2. Joanna M

    Number 3 – it’s a smart/casual look for any occasion. You could be meeting a friend for coffee, followed by a business meeting – the outfit would work both. Plus it’s the most feminine out of the 3, showing off your gorgeous curves. Work it Sista! 🙂

  3. Monique

    I love number 2. Can’t go past a gorgeous casual look and I think you look the most comfortable and natural in it.

  4. Kirsty S

    I love No. 3. That’s the kind of get up you can wear to work and can then wear straight out to play! It’s sophisticated and its also stunning, sleek and sexy. Classy and fun all in one! 🙂

  5. amanda

    2. It’s stylish but functional, it’s the only one that would work for me running after a 2 year old all day

  6. Sharyn

    The second outfit is the best Bcoz it’s very versatile and very on trend with the stripes and the distressed denim but u look great in all 3 – I need sumone to come and do this for me !!!

  7. Taryn

    I love look number 3 🙂 The skirt is great and I very much like how you are standing tall and proud whilst wearing it. It’s obviously giving you positive vibes!

  8. Carol

    Love No 3. Really versatile and stylish look for any age. I could see myself wearing that if I was 1/3 my current size. Too many regrettable purchases under my belt!

  9. Lisa

    The 2nd outfit, loving the relaxed weekend look with the ripped jeans and striped tee!

  10. Karen

    I like the middle one, you can be casual or dressed up with that jacket, and the boots finish it off nicely.

  11. Stacey Hughes

    I love all 3 outfits, but my favourite is number 2. I am on a journey to better health & wellness & Quirky Cooking is one of my main inspirations & help. I have lost 9kg with another 10kg to go. This outfit is exactly the type of outfit I envisage myself wearing in another 10kg time – when my healthy figure will look awesome in this!! I am not talented at all when it comes to fashion & what to put with what – so I love a good & practical site that helps me with this! I’m glad I found you:)

  12. karen tams

    I Love the first one, I love the all black with the addition of the soft blue scarf , casual but conquering all you set out to do

  13. Megan

    I’m loving number 1, it makes your legs look ssssooooo long and I like the way the scarf sits in amongst the opening of the jacket

  14. Jen

    I am loving
    Number 2 because in a big fan of jeans but you look absolutely gorgeous in all 3!!!

  15. Michelle Morgan

    Number 3 because it’s business like, but also fun. It’s serious, but not too serious.

  16. Astrid Van Der Linden

    Wow – I really love look 3. It is something I would definitely wear & it looks elegant & stylish.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great give away 🙂

  17. Mallory

    I’m loving look 1, Bren – it would easily take you from work to dinner and be great for both. Great job, Dijanna! 🙂

  18. Lee

    I love them all! You look great and all suit you. She’s a very clever girl isn’t she….think we all need a friend like that!! My wardrobe needs a massive makeover.
    If I had to choose i’d say number 3. Love the skirt.

  19. Lee from Healthy Natural Changes

    You look great in all of the outfits! She’s a clever girl isn’t she – we all need a friend like that! If I had to choose I’d say number three – love the skirt!

  20. Taryn J

    I love number 3. The skirt is lovely and I think the look has you standing tall and proud!

  21. Sally L

    Love all three looks, and you look gorgeous in all of them Brenda! My fave is #1 though as I love a maxi skirt and there is so much room to express yourself just by a change in scarf or swapping the scarf for an awesome necklace 🙂

  22. Sarah Croft

    I love outfit number 3. It is stylish and feminine with the floral print and the pencil skirt is very slimming and shows of your shape.This outfit would also look great for either day or night.

  23. Peta Gillis

    You are also wearing the same jacket. I love that you have 3 completely different styles/looks using the same shoes and bag AND jacket. Clever!

  24. Letisha

    Definitely number 3. So sophisticated and stylish. What a great versatile jacket!! Wish I had one like that!

  25. Shelley

    Great idea and way to get new info out to us all. You look great in all of them but number 3 is my pick, it looks put together but not over the top.

  26. sharyn w

    i like 2 – it is fun , funky, casual and can be worn many places (plus it would look good on me lol) 🙂

  27. Sam

    I like number 2 best. It is very versatile for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down as needed! Looks amazing xx

  28. Roanna

    I like them all, but drawn to number 2 the most as I am a casual dresser. 🙂

  29. Shaye

    Hi Bren, I love outfit 2 the little jacket can be whipped off easily leaving a cool & casual spring outfit, jeans and Tee, perfect for this busy mumma X

  30. Kristy

    #3. The blocks of black mean the floral skirt is showing off your shape nicely 🙂

  31. Eleonora Pelosi

    I love 2, looks very cool and super comfy. My kind of outfit. Elli xo

  32. Tam

    I do like #2 best but not a fan of ripped jeans. So for that reason I am choosing #3 🙂

  33. Michelle Hawtin

    I love number 3. I will take any opportunity to wear a pencil skirt. Paired with a large collared waist jacket, it tones it down enough to keep that little bit of girly influence whilst still remaining casual.

  34. Helen

    Love #3. I chose this one because it’s versatile, simple yet smart and flattering. Dijanna teamed it well with the black understated shoes and stockings(yes, I noticed you wore same shoes in each pic but not bag). For those, like you, who have nothing to hide around the tummy area, the gorgeous fitted skirt nicely meets the bottom of the top which is perfect because it’s plain and short and compliments the skirt and cropped jacket really well. A perfect winter outfit!

  35. Kristine Celliers

    Love outfit no 2! Looks like we are just to catch up out & about over a cup of coffee or relaxed lunch… Which would be awesome as I think we would have plenty to talk about. 🙂

  36. Jaimi

    I love outfit 2. The jacket looks great and really stands out. I love the causal look perfect for a day shopping or at football.

  37. Emma

    I love outfit number 1 as I would wear that to work but I could also wear that out to lunch with my girlfriends, so super versatile 🙂

  38. Sally

    Just had my 3rd baby and my older two kiddies are at school so for me outfit number 2 would be ideal. It’s casual enough for daywear and is also practical for running around after the kids and doing errands. Even though I’m a stay at home mum, I still like to feel stylish!

  39. Michelle Gray

    I love outfit 2, as a stay at home Mum I’m always on the lookout for stylish comfortable practical outfits.

  40. Kerry Turnham

    They all look nice, I have to say no 2 though, mainly because it stands out with the lighter colour underneath.;-)

  41. Tamra Powell

    Love no2 perfect for everyday casual wear, shops, school pickup and going out lunch .

  42. Fabi

    2 for sure! The black crop jacket tailors the horizontal stripes nicely avoiding the wide look they can often give.

  43. Kate

    No 3. You look really stylish & this outfit enhances your great figure. Plus, the fitted top & skirt show off the great shape of the jacket more.

  44. Ros Guy

    I like no 3 best as the jacket looks trendy teamed with the black and white skirt.

  45. Miranda

    I like No. 3 the most. It’s feminine and looks both dressy and casual at the same time.

  46. Michelle

    My favourite is number 3. Straight away it took my eye. Your look classy and stylish and the fitting skirts gives you shape. I love how the colour of the skirt brightens up the black. You look like you could go anywhere in it. Very pretty.

  47. Michelle

    Loving style num 3, as it’s can be for day wear/ work to night time wear,. If you have those meeting a after work no need to change 🙂

  48. Jill

    I like look 2, it is a casual look that would suit a busy mum like me taking the kids to school and running errands.

  49. deanna

    I’m a jeans girl, through and through!!! Can’t gracefully jump a fence in a skirt

  50. Lis Evans

    No. 3 is my favorite. Very versatile and stylish. Cuts a mean silhouette too!

  51. Al

    Definitely 3! It’s classic, classy, feminine and extremely flattering on you! x

  52. Fez

    I like number 2 cuz I just love the casual 90s ripped jeans/striped T/mid length jacket. You look like you’re ready to go and have some comfy FUN. The only thing I’d change are the shoes to some gym boots for extra bounce 🙂

  53. Andrea

    I love outfit number 3! It’s so cute, but so classy, perfect for any occasion!

  54. Andrea

    Where can I buy this jacket? I love it and have been searching for a similar one for ages!!

    • Brenda Janschek

      Hi Andrea, it’s Therese Rawsthome from a few years ago and it’s now got a new lease of life!

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