7 Recipes to Celebrate the Holidays!

Celebrate good health this holiday season with these 7 delicious recipes

7 recipes to celebrate the holidays

This  Super Cleanse Salad will be on high rotation these holidays because it celebrates, health, vitality, flavour and goodness, it’s a great salad to take to Christmas lunch and a perfect way to lead into 2018. Little tweaks to the combinations turn this salad into new, every time.
Super Cleanse Salad mixed 1
This Ginger and Molasses Loaf is the perfect cake to make for Christmas or even as a special DIY gift to celebrate those special people in your life. Both the ginger and molasses create a flavour reminiscent of gingerbread men and all things Christmas!
Brenda Janschek - Ginger Loaf
Celebrating ‘slowing down’ with pancakes! The return of pancakes on the weekends signals rest and sleep ins as the kid’s weekend sport schedule takes a  break, creating time and space for these yummy Spelt and Buckwheat Pancakes. These are beyond delish with slices of summer mango and a good dollop of creamy yoghurt! 
Celebrating freedom from homework, assignments and deadlines,  the kids will be welcomed back into the kitchen!  Ginger Snap Cookie Shapes is a great recipe to get them into the Christmas-y mood.
Wholesome goodness by the mouthful, My Favourite Homemade Granola makes a warm and welcoming holiday gift. Just pop thee granola into recycled jars and decorate as you like.
I’m celebrating summer and good health by enjoying endless smoothie combinations for breakfast. Here are two of my faves, Ginger, Mint and Green Apple, and my Anti-oxidant Smoothie.
Smoothie anti oxidant 2

 If you want to celebrate feeling vibrant, energetic, sensual, nurtured, balanced, then come check out our Break Through! Membership Program, made for women who are ready to step into a life of nourishment. 


Enjoy the holidays everyone ❤️

Bren x

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