Holistic Weight Loss Program

  • Are you working hard on your health and fitness but never quite hitting your goals?
  • Do you find supplements have more effect on your wallet than your waistline?
  • Is it important to you to make health and diet changes that are sustainable?

Then take the next step and break through the barrier with a program that is unique and responsive to you.

Break Through! Your Ultimate Guide To Losing Stubborn Weight is a program created by Naturopath Naomi Judge BHSc and Health Coach Brenda Janschek. It is designed to provide you with the tools and information to create the body you love, and change your health for the better, permanently.

Each day we see clients with elevated stress levels, disturbed sleep patterns, unsuitable diets and, as a result, problems maintaining their optimum weight.

We also see women who exercise daily, eat a balanced, nourishing diet and make great efforts to be healthy, but who still cannot seem to overcome that last hurdle.

Whether you’re a new mum, a working mum of 4, an overstretched MD of a large multinational company, or a Mum with mature kids, you will be amazed at the effects a holistic approach to health can have on your goals.

With our abundance of specialist knowledge, expertise and experience, we have created Break Through! Your Ultimate Guide To Losing Stubborn Weight. A sustainable weight loss program designed to help you find a way to get fitter and more energetic, and to cleanse and regain vibrancy, while losing those resistant last few kilos.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Balance hormones
  • Identify emotional eating
  • Reduce stress
  • Detoxify
  • Reset your thyroid
  • Combat overeating
  • Understand the connection between your emotions and what you choose to eat
  • Nourish your body with a real food
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Feel comfortable and excited about your body
  • Focus on the real food facts that matter to you
  • Identify foods that are compromising your goals
  • Understand how to maintain your ideal weight

Why you can’t you lose weight?

Our 28-day Break Through! Program  helps you to identify why you can’t lose weight or feel your best at all times. Our program will give you the individualised tools required to reach your ultimate goals. Hormones, food, sleep, lifestyle, mindset, and stress are just some of the factors that play an integral role in the big picture.

And better still the program is done as part of a team, cheering each other on to fulfil your ultimate goals.


  • 3 x Break Through! approved cleansing meal plans
  •  Tips and inspiration
  •  Cleansing and fat burning recipes
  •  A comprehensive pantry staples shopping list for optimum health
  •  A list of foods to crowd out
  •  Hormone questionnaire to really individualise your weight loss program and take it to the next level
  • Sleep recommendations to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep
  • Exclusive access to our popular Facebook private group
  • Goal setting tips and rationale for ultimate success
  • Insight into the role that mindset and mindfulness play in achieving your goals
  •  Expert articles

As a Naturopath and Health Coach we are experts who will give you all the tools necessary to kick-start you to your healthy weight loss goals as well as energise you and its all done in the safety of a of this unique private weight loss program.


WHAT’S NEXT? This is a tried and tested program with quick and easy results that have been proven. Once you sign up you will receive an email package with details on how to prepare for this 4 week transformational weight loss program. The program runs 3 times per year, the next one will run in October 2015. The program will be in 5 Phases that you and the Break Through! crew will do all together, so you will have the moral support you need to cheer you through the 28 day Break Through! Program.
Once you sign up to the program you will receive tips to get you started, plus information on how to prepare for your cleanse (including our pantry staples do’s and dont’s) so you can hit the ground running once we begin in Phase 2. Being organised is key to getting fantastic, sustainable results.
This is the first official week of the program where we explain the role of cleansing for weight management and optimum health. You will receive your first meal plan, shopping list, recipes plus information on other important areas to focus on to ensure your success.
Cleanse and Balance
You now officially begin theCleanse with other members of the program. In this phase your body will be ridding itself of fat-storing toxins and you’ll begin to understand the big part your hormones play in weight loss, and be given tools to help you know how to balance them.
Cleanse and Reset 
This is your second week of eating nourishing, cleansing foods. You will receive a new meal plan and recipes, plus more information to help you discover the missing link to your personal weight loss and health issues.
Cleanse and Power-On
This is the third week of cleansing and embedding your new healthy, sustainable habits. In this phase you will receive lifestyle advice that will help you have the confidence to strive for the goals you set when you signed up. There will be guidance and inspiration from the team to help you look and feel great for life!

You will also have access to resources tips and information to keep you focused on your final goals, and your weight loss mission. This is a unique life-changing course to achieve abundance in all areas of your life.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you Naomi & Brenda, I am on my way to Sydney with my two children today and I feel fantastic. I have packed healthy snacks just in case we can’t get good food; my clothes are fitting me really nicely. The best bit is I have plenty of energy and I feel calm and clear-headed to catch a plane and train with my two beautiful children. A big change from normally feeling stressed and cranky!!”
– Claire“Only week 1, and already 4kgs down. Nice to walk past a mirror and its nice not see such a protruding belly!”– Nicole

“Week 1 and I have lost 3kgs! I’m very happy as I don’t feel deprived because the recipes are great and I’m not hungry in-between meals, so that really helps with reducing my snacking. Feeling great and very happy”
– Rachel 
“I am really enjoying  The Break Through! program. I can’t believe the sugars I have managed without. I’ve never been this long without them and I’m not missing them. Note to self… you do not need refined sugar!”- Nicola

“My hubby is loving this whole process and he is calling it a ‘life reset’.”- Sabrina

“I have quite severe eczema and began cutting wheat, dairy and sugar out of my diet 4 weeks ago. Break Through! came at a perfect time to assist me. I also have about 15 extra kg to lose and it’s coming off!!- Olivia 

“Wow! wow! wow! I lost 1.5kg this week on top of 1.3kg last week and I can’t express enough how good I feel. I know it’s not all about the weight but this program has helped me, as it states,  ‘breakthrough’ those stubborn few kilos that I just couldn’t seem to budge by following those, not to mention names, low calorie diets. Not only am I losing the weight, I feel great, my skin feels good, my clothes are fitting better and I have a spring in my step. Thanks to everyone in this group for all of the support and encouragement.”- Michelle “Thank you both so much Naomi and Brenda. You have invested so much time, energy and passion into this program and I look forward to continuing to slowly actually implementing all of the amazing things we have learnt! “- Kate

“This course is worth all it’s weight in gold!! I’m learning so much important life changing stuff”- Kirsty

“As a writer, my top priority has been to be comfortable and satisfied to ensure I can work without distraction. For me that means loads of carbs and caffeine. However, I knew this couldn’t be good for me and decided to embark on the Break Through program, a little sceptical of my own ability to conform. I loved it from the start. The program is easy to follow, the recipes are quick and tasty and my body’s response was almost immediate. Cue the glossy hair, clear and radiant skin and shiny eyes while saying goodbye to those seemingly unshakable extra kilos that come with time (and a few chocolates). Now my eating habits have changed along with those of my family and we all feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. I genuinely recommend the Break Through Program to those looking to make a change for the better”- Dijanna

“Can’t thank this program, Brenda and Naomi enough, for starting me on this journey. Its week 3 I am 5 kg down, and have lost over 20cm in overall measurements with 8cm off my waist. Looking and feeling great! I’m learning to love food and not let it be my enemy, and I’m enjoying the variety and the feeling of fullness compared to other ‘diets’. You girls rock including everyone on the program. It’s been great to hear all your stories and questions and I look forward to keeping on with Break Through! Plus”- Michelle

“What an amazing journey! I joined to shift the last few kilos and got so much more. The closed facebook group inspired me everyday to keep learning. I gained so much knowledge, you’re both an inspiration as are each and every member within this group. Bottom line I have lost 4.5 kg just 3 weeks in, but the weight loss was a bonus the key learning will continue with me forever. Thanks everyone so much it’s been life changing experience!!!”- Sue 



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