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  • Real Food for Hungry Teens

    Created by certified health coach, Brenda Janschek, and her hungry and creative son Orlando, this eBook contains a rich variety of over 20 nourishing, real food recipes designed to satisfy the tastebuds and growth requirements of developing teenagers.  
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  • Break Through! To Feeling Fantastic In A Body You Love eCourse

    Break Through! To Feeling Fantastic In A Body You Love is a program created by Naturopath, Naomi Judge BHSc and Health Coach, Brenda Janschek. 
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  • Thrive – Healthy Kids Program

    Nothing is more precious than the health and well-being of our children. It is every child’s birthright to have the greatest opportunity to enjoy life in robust health without chronic illness and it’s up to us to ensure this and do the best we can to support them when and if something does arise.
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  • ‘Calm Your Cortisol’ Recipe E-Book

    When I was feeling exhausted all the time, gaining weight, feeling anxiety in the pit of my stomach and getting strong cravings for sugar ... I wish that I had known that it wasn't age and motherhood that was making me feel wiped out and snappy. It was my CORTISOL LEVELS!
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  • Free Breakfast Recipe eBook

    As far as breakfast cereal goes, I always say, “you may as well eat the box’, it’s probably more nutritious than what’s inside! Here are 5 things to think about before you reach for the boxed cereal in the supermarket.
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  • FREE 3 day Kick-Start Cleanse

    Are you dealing with daily sugar cravings, poor digestion, foggy brain, stubborn weight gain, skin problems, exhaustion and countless other conditions that you’ve learnt to just put up with? Then you need to try this simple cleanse that’s easy, delicious and fits in with the family!