The Fussy Eating Bundle

The Fussy Eating Bundle was created to help as many parents as possible instil positive eating habits in their children and provide a lifelong joyful relationship with food, thus creating peaceful, stress-free meal times.

The Fussy Eating Bundle” contains $550 worth of products for just $49. In the bundle you’ll find:

  • Advice, strategies, ideas from experts in the field, helping you understand exactly what is going on with your picky eater at different ages and different stages.
  • How to address picky eaters at meal time, reduce the battles, and help broaden their repertoire of nutritious foods.
  • Tips on how to present new foods to the entire family.
  • Step-by-step plans when it comes to the bigger picture of fussy eaters and the habits you can start to implement straightaway to start to create lifelong competent eaters.
  • What to say and do during a meal and what to avoid.
  • Practical tips to help your child learn to try new foods, even at school.
  • Pre-meal rituals and creating routines for success.
  • Secrets of feeding therapy to interest even the pickiest of eaters in new foods.




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