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We all want to ensure our families are given the best chance of a long, healthy and vibrant future. To achieve this, they need and deserve optimal nutrition. But, parents also need nourishment to remain healthy, vibrant, energetic and playful.

During your kitchen reboot, I will explain why health and lifestyle is important to your family’s lives and, inspire you to create a delicious bountiful kitchen that the whole family will love, simply by introducing fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients and showing you simple, tasty ways to use them. Remember, we are what we eat … literally!

What’s included?

  • In-home consultation: Together we will evaluate the contents of your pantry and fridge, discuss what’s good, what needs to go, any allergies or health conditions, and how we will replace these items with wholesome and nutritious alternatives.
  • Skype Consultation: If an in-house consultation is unworkable due to distance, a skype session works equally well.
  • Tangible Advice: Learn how to read food labels, understand nutritional value and select foods to optimise your family’s wellbeing to ensure better shopping choices. You will be able to use this knowledge to help you teach your children how to read labels too.
  • Shopping List: You will receive a comprehensive shopping list of all of my preferred healthy brands and where to find them.
  • Meal Planner: Following our session I will provide a  suggested 3-day meal plan incorporating the new wholesome products.
  • Recipes: Easy to follow, simple recipes to get you started.

Benefits of Kitchen Reboot

  • Feel good about feeding yourself and your family with nourishing wholefoods.
  • Find out my well researched best brands of food and where you can source them from.
  • Lose weight.
  • Increase energy.
  • Heal & nourish your body.
  • When you cleanse and detoxify your kitchen, you do the same for your family.

Time: Approx 1.5 – 2hrs a your home 

Cost: $350

Clients often find it helpful to book into my Flavour Finder Tour following the Kitchen Reboot.  It’s a great opportunity to find the best places to shop near your home, and replenish your pantry with wholesome, healthy ingredients under expert guidance.


 “Brenda’s extensive knowledge on good food v’s bad food is remarkable. Through the Kitchen Reboot, a 3 day meal plan is designed specifically for you and your family and you constantly have access to all her incredibly delicious and inspiring recipes. I found that the most important part of this was the education and practical guidance towards putting me and my family on the right path of health…long term. To me, Brenda is like a magic fairy swooping in and sprinkling a life long lasting, healthy dust for a very smooth kitchen operation. Thanks a billion bunches of broccoli magic fairy!” Melinda, Freshwater

” The best part of the Kitchen Reboot was learning about all the alternatives available to help my family transition to a real foods diet. I learnt how to upgrade all of our ingredients to best versions I could afford and loved all Brenda’s tips on food preparation, fussy eaters and the best way to transition the family without too much resistance!’ Kerry, Marrickville

“Thank you so much for your Kitchen Reboot which was extremely useful, inspirational and fun! There are so many of your tips that now pop up in my mind when I am cooking or shopping and I really appreciate all your help and sharing your in depth knowledge” Andrea, Bronte

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