Can a Life’s Calling Be Easy?

Nothing beats a catch up with your girlfriends? Anything can be discussed over a glass of champers. Nothing is taboo, there’s no judgement, and support is a given (but not taken for granted).

I recently had lunch with a couple of my besties, Dijanna Mulhearn, director of Wardrobe 101, and Dena Danis, designer for fashion label Constantina and Louise.

The three of us over-40 mums were desperately trying to find the answer to perfect balance, and wondering why on earth we had chosen the relentless slog & risk of entrepreneurship?

Hadn’t we all felt satisfied and fulfilled in our roles as mums and homemakers?

We agreed that running our own business’ left us feeling stressed out, flat out, crazy, insanely imbalanced, and much had been sacrificed in the form of family, self-care, friendships and downtime.

Why then?

The answer came quickly that day as we came to the excited realisation that we do what we do because we feel compelled to do it. Each of us is answering our individual calling, what we feel to be a divine purpose that embodies us and spurs us on.

As theologian Frederick Beuchner is quoted as saying, “True vocation joins self and service.” He defines vocation as “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

And, strangely, it feels like we are going with the flow…..the flow of what life wants us to do.

So having a calling doesn’t mean it’s easy to follow. And who knows if we’ve chosen the right expression for our calling?  We all trust, however, that we will ultimately be led there.

Perhaps the confusion my friends and I are feeling is because the pendulum has swung with too much force in this different direction?

And as we realise that honouring our calling also means being clear about our core values, we are starting to feel the pendulum slowly swing back to equilibrium.

For me, that means back to my family, integrity, connection, to gratitude, communication, health, friendship and peace.

Do you have a calling? I’d love to hear what it is.

Bren x

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  1. Kirri @Kirri White Coaching

    I know that when I am living congruently with my core values, life just feels ‘right’ and no matter how busy I let things get, I can remain centered. I don’t always get achieve that but I know how to achieve it, if that makes sense?

    On a clearly superficial level….You girls look fierce 🙂

  2. Nicola

    Gorgeous post and your so right. Its awesome when you follow your own path and it leads you to fulfilment. I think if your stressed but not fulfilled you need to be asking yourself some questions.

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