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As a health coach, you could say I’m ‘into’ nutrition. I love nourishing the bodies of my family, friends, clients and, you guessed it, myself.

It’s important to me to remain healthy on the inside by consuming natural, unprocessed foods. It affects my appearance, demeanour and mood on the outside, and allows me to remain more energetic and vibrant, not to mention balanced and calm when life gets a little complicated or ‘heavy’.

What is not so obvious at times is that being healthy on the inside extends to mental health.

There are many of us out there who, for one reason or another, have neglected the mental side of ourselves to the point where anxiety and clinical depression (amongst other things) become an issue. It does for one in every six to eight Australians, which is a shockingly high proportion.

Maybe it wouldn’t matter so much if it didn’t result in episodes that result either in severe incapacitation and suicides that affect more than just the person involved. For example, suicide statistics show that for every suicide, six people are profoundly affected. And that includes children, which is just heartbreaking.

The science of mental health has improved markedly over the years, allowing those who need help various options in order to discuss their problems and heal themselves. Still, there is a stigma associated with seeking assistance, and men in particular are more likely to dwell on and suppress their feelings rather than risk the embarrassment of others discovering they have an ‘issue’.

So it is with great interest that I investigated the new campaign by Beyond Blue to combat depression in males.

By addressing the issue in a light-hearted way, and always emphasising ‘manliness’ in that vein is a masterstroke in marketing and appealing to those who may be baulking at seeking help.

Go and have a look at and find out more about our corduroy-clad Dr Ironwood who, while dispensing interesting advice and valuable calls to action, can also discuss the manliness of hitting a wood into a Par 3 in golf.

Take in the FAQs and Tales of Triumph to see real-life examples of those who have battled depression and come out the other side.

If you feel so inclined, share it with those you know. You never know, one of them might need it.

Taking the plunge and discussing problems of any description has never been so ‘manly’.

Bren x

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