Noosa – Paradise to the Rescue

My holiday came just in time …

You know you really need one when the increasingly looming departure date feels mentally like it will never arrive. You never quite know how you’re going to survive those last few days without passing out or dead-legging a kitten. But you do, and like a school assignment that is handed in three minutes before being due, your mind and well being are suddenly cleared for take-off!

It’s like magic, which coincidentally describes Noosa to a ‘T’. Our home away from home feels like a warm embrace and a snugly blanket all in one. A place where all deadlines, troubles and responsibilities are denied entry, and we can exist and relax as a family. Stunning beaches reflecting the clear Sunshine Coast skies, wonderful weekend markets, a good book or two, fighting relaxed kids … it doesn’t get much better.


The best part is that there are no timetables. It’s nice when your biggest decisions revolve around pool, beach, and whether to take in the unbelievable sunset from your apartment, or do so over a cocktail!

Fortunately for us, we had our own (river) beach at the end of Noosa Sound, where we would swim, play cricket on the grass, or, mostly, build sand castles. Not just any sand castles, though! An infatuation with another guest’s expert sand castles led to the kids inheriting the spade, trowels and other utensils. We literally spent hours fashioning Inca temples and castles, with the kids honing their ‘stair’ technique without breaking focus.


When we headed for the beach, which was most mornings, the north-facing Main Beach and (more secluded) Tea Tree Bay (main picture) didn’t disappoint. Gentle, rolling waves were perfect for body surfing, boogie boarding and learning to ride a board. Hours passed with what seemed like the blink of an eye.

As a quick thought, I’m often asked about non-toxic sun blocks. Here are the two highly recommended ones we took with us:

Dr Mercola – A natural sunscreen, which is great for the whole family and is free of chemical fragrances, parabens and nanoparticles. It gave great protection for all of us, though but I found the 30+ a little hard to wash off the skin without a good scrub in the shower (if you have an Enjo glove mitt, it gets it off in seconds).

You can buy the Dr Mercola sunscreen from Health Oasis and the Enjo mitt here.


And I love using Mutki which is a tinted 15+ sunscreen, it is also free of any nasties and is safe to use all year round. In fact, the healing antioxidants in it are always good for the skin.

The coverage was perfect and felt like velvet on my skin, giving me an even, subtle coverage. The colour I used was a medium tint, but it also comes in fair. I used this on the days when I was traipsing around Eumundi markets, shopping on Hastings Street or walking to a cafe for breakfast or lunch.


The beaches being so close to Hastings Street is always a bonus. Home to boutiques, cafes, restaurants and ice-creameries like the amazing Massimo’s, you’re never short of a good sticky beak, snack, or, in my husband’s case, a good coffee!

A highlight along the strip is Bistro C, which has gorgeous views overlooking the beach, and picture perfect for sipping an unforgettable coriander-infused vodka cocktail! A couple days later I enjoyed a mouth watering breakfast there with some of the best wellness warriors the coast has to offer .


For us, a trip to Noosa is not complete until we’ve toured Eumundi Markets – again. And we never get tired of it! Wonderful stalls with clothes, jewellery, furniture, home wares, organic produce, palm reading, caricature drawings, homemade muffins and cakes and coffee await. Not to mention the BEST seafood paella this side of Madrid!

We spent a day recreating a previous holiday to Maroochydore, less than an hour south. There we stalked the Cotton Tree Markets, which are a fraction of the size of Eumundi, though we ended up buying more. Go figure! I tracked down my apron lady and stocked up on some sweet, original aprons for my School Holiday Kids Cooking Classes, before popping down to the ever-sweet Cotton Tree Beach………


The kids are old enough to swim out to the sand bank now, which was an adventure. Or, they could allow the delightful little circular rip drag them out and back to shore within minutes.


My favourite part of every day, though, was watching the sun start to sink on behind the mountain on the horizon each evening. We would have to quickly grab a glass of wine because it was quick to set, but oh so calming …


I read Room by Emily Donoghue while I was there and, as a bit of a claustrophobe, it was quite a confronting and uncomfortable read. But I found the story of a 5yr old boy and his mum who lived in a small (11ft square) locked room totally compelling. I fell in love with the mother, and felt it was a lovely comment on the protective, nurturing love of a mother, and the amazing bond with her child.

I needed a couple of days break after reading this book before I started the transportational The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, a magical, dazzling and deeply romantic ride I didn’t want to get off.

How often do you find the time to read a couple of books in a week these days?

It’s nothing compared to the time we get to spend together as a family, though. I can’t wait for the next one … hopefully slightly longer!


Bren x



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    • Brenda Janschek

      It was really was just what I needed Sonia! A dead leg is urban slang for elbowing someone/thing in the leg so that it goes numb. Not that I’m into animal cruelty or anything, but it gives a good description of how desperately I needed a holiday I think : )

  1. the merrymaker sisters

    Looks like your holiday was amazing! We found you via the one small change eBook. We love your change of being more mindful. We’ve recently started to do this too and have already reaped the benefits. Look forward to keeping up to date with you. e+ c

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