Food versus Fashion Round 1 with Brenda and Dijanna

I woke up one morning and found that I was totally over the dread of getting dressed for my meetings,  health coaching, kitchen makeovers, workshops, events and even my kids cooking classes! On this day I stood paralysed in front of a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear. Know the feeling? The need to pare down to basics and streamline was quickly dawning on me.

As a mumpreneur, my focus had shifted to more immediately necessary  things – raising my family, preparing meals, after school activities and events, creating and building my business. You know how it goes. I used to love fashion, my clothes, and getting dressed for the day. When did it get so hard? Where did that girl go? I miss her.

It was time to call in the expert. Lucky for me my bestie is Dijanna Mulhearn from Wardrobe 101. She is no stranger to my frenzied texts the night before an event desperately seeking styling advice. So we struck a deal: in exchange for her fashion education, Dijanna asked me to show her the easy way to good health through food.

It struck me that if Dijanna and I were having this food/fashion struggle, then possibly you might be too. And when I asked you the question on Facebook, it your replies confirmed my suspicion. It seems to be a universal issue.

So this post is the first in a fun series exploring some easy fashion and food fixes, and allows us to remember that it’s healthy to indulge in a bit of self care and self love.

Click on the video as we set up our challenge – Dijanna shares a quick fashion tip and gets a taste of a delicious quick snack for her efforts. (We’ll work on video length and blurriness factor for the next ones!)


Fashion v Food Dij styling tie dye cardi

You can find the full recipe for Brenda’s Brekky Ball here

Brenda's Brekky Ball 2

Dijanna’s fussy eater 7yr old not only loved Brenda’s Brekky Ball, but shared some with his mates who have sent an order through for some more 🙂

Fashion v Food Thommy

What are your fashion/food woes? We’d love to hear from you and address your stresses!

In the next installment of Food versus Fashion, Dijanna finds a little gem in my wardrobe and proceeds to show me how easy it is to create three different looks with this single piece. And I’ll make sure I supply here with an ultra-tasty, supercharged smoothie to send her on her way to face another busy day without a stop off at McDonalds!

Look out for an awesome giveaway coming up in the following weeks and we’d love it if you shared this post to help other mums in the same boat.

Bren x








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  1. Dijanna Mulhearn

    Could not believe how filling just two brekky balls were, I felt satisfied until dinner. Will be mastering the art of making these to have on hand when lunch escapes me.

    • Brenda Janschek

      Great to hear Dijanna! I can’t wait to show more quick nutritious ideas in the hope of keeping you away from McDonalds!

  2. Lee / Healthy Natural Changes

    I’ve only just watched these now – how fabulous! Loved watching you both.

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