Mastering Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

I met Melissa Ambrosini around 3-4yrs ago. It’s been incredible to watch her evolution, and, in particular, to sit down and read her honest and hearfelt account of her experiences which led her to write ” Mastering Your Mean Girl”.

 In this uplifting book Melissa provides a blueprint to help us overcome the challenges our ego constantly throws up and create our own version of a “kick-ass life”.

Please watch my interview with Melissa and enjoy the gold nuggets she shares.

You can connect with Melissa here:


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  1. Astrid Van Der Linden

    Thanks so much Brenda, I really appreciated your interview with Melissa. Lovely of you to share it with your tribe. You are both such inspiring ladies and I love the work you do to help others. Your questions were awesome and I really resonated with the topic of discussion. It was all very encouraging and uplifting. Some very useful tips to take away from the interview. All the best ?

    • Brenda Janschek

      Thanks for listening Astrid and for your kind words, much appreciated. It was a pleasure interviewing Melissa an I’m thrilled to hear you got some take aways too. Lovely to hear from you again. x

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