What Natural New Age Mums have in their Handbags.

Today we are keeping it real and I’m emptying out the contents of my handbag. Cue the scary music … even I don’t know what’s in there!

I’ll let you in on a little secret early on … it’s possibly not as interesting as the contents of Kate Moss’ or Miranda Kerrs’ handbags (and doesn’t have Orlando Bloom’s number either, darn it). But if you’re still interested, join me on a journey into the unknown as I try to locate the secret pockets, chambers and small community halls that my husband insists are in there.

As my children are now seven and nine years old, the contents have substantially changed. Nappies are now a no-no, and I can’t hide my excitement! Muesli bars, cut up fruit, snacks, textas and toys have also worn out their welcome.

Once diving into my bag (not literally), I thought I would find plenty of empty space, but minimal-me doesn’t sound quite right when I pull out 19 items.

1) Business cards and postcards

2) Wallet

3) Lipstick – my current fave colour is all natural and a sexy pink!

4) Organic Lip Balm – natural and organic & my numero uno must-have in my bag. No chemical nasties.

5) Tinted Lip Balm – I adore this Ere Perez product, perfect for a hint of colour, as well as conditioning for the lips.

6) Teabag – as I don’t drink caffeine I tend to bring my own … just in case.

7) Mobile Phone – goes everywhere with me, just like a baby.

8) Car Keys

9) Scarf – my favourite Jac & Jac scarf perfect to have on hand for these unpredictable autumn days.

10) Book for the waiting room. At the moment it’s Optimum Nutrition for your Childs Mind (nerd alert).

11) Acorn – my 7yr old is a bower bird and insists on keeping little nuggets of nature she finds along the way.

12) Water bottle – can’t leave home without it. Staying hydrated is necessary for me.

13) Tissues – being a hay fever sufferer these are essential.

14) Dental Floss – to save me from potentially embarrassing poppy seed moments.

15)  Sunglasses- love my classic Chanels.

16) Green shopping bag – for any spontaneous health food shopping.

17) Activated nuts – to quell the hunger attacks when I’m on the run.

18)  Organic green apple – my favourite portable fruit & goes well with the nuts.

19) Hand moisturiser – for my dermatitis flare ups.

My handbag clearly reveals that I’m a real natural new age mum & also that I may need to downsize!

If you want to check out what’s in other new age mums handbags go to Natural New Age Mums blog.

What’s in your handbag and what does it say about you? I’d love to know!

Bren x


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    • Brenda Janschek

      Thanks so much Kirri. I have misplaced my favourite lippy since taking the photo of my bags’ contents : ( I don’t usually wear pink but this one jumped out at me and looked so sexy and vibrant! Next time I’m at Dr Earth I’ll check out the brand, can’t remember off the top of my head. Inika berry sounds lush!

    • Brenda Janschek

      I know Angela, although I do enjoy watching my friends desperately scramble around for the herbal teabag they bought months ago for my benefit : )

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