The mummy juggle

Does the rhythm of my day look familiar to you?

  • the breakfast/lunchbox/school scramble
  • me-time in the form of a lovely thirty minute coastal walk
  • breakfast and shower
  • get stuck into work for the day, entrepreneur-style, which includes tidying, hanging out washing, cooking and taking calls from family members who don’t actually get that although you are at home you are actually working!
  • make dinner (there’s no time later because of after school activities)
  • kids home for afternoon snacks, tell them ten times to get ready for their activity and then out the door we all go.
  • home, eat dinner, watch Masterchef, ask kids to brush teeth 52 times, kids bedtime.
  • husband comes home to a romantic candle lit dinner for two, wine poured and Jeff Buckley’s soulful tunes are playing in the background.(Got you! As if!)

What really happens is that hubby gets home and serves his own dinner cos I’m plonked in front of my heater giving my Business Mamas Diploma of Business course some attention,  even if it’s just half an hour.

As a mum, I’ve learnt to grab whatever time I can get, and the course is designed specifically with mums in mind, so it can be done in short chunks.

Fitting in my studies has proven to be challenging, and some nights I’m so tired that I’ll settle into a taped Modern Family episode with the hubby instead, or I’ll need to continue working because my health coaching clients can’t Skype until after work.

But one thing I’ve got on my side is discipline. I pride myself on it and I work extremely well to deadlines, which is also keeping me on track. My kids constantly ask if I got my assignments done, so their interest indicates that I have their support.  I like to think I’m modelling positive attributes to them like commitment, passion and discipline rather than “mum’s too busy to put me to sleep tonight”!

Any other study mama’s out there? What helps to keep you motivated?

If you want to take the first step to live happy, work happy, be happy, contact Business Mamas today and the Business Mamas team will be in touch with more information.

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  1. Shell

    After being a home-based business woman & Mum for the past few years, last week I added Uni studies, a new part time job & the gym into the mix, all in the one week! My head is spinning right now trying to settle us all into new routines (& keep up our better-eating changes of this year also) but I trust that things will settle, a few less important things will slip away and life will become it’s new normal again soon! I so agree that little grabs of time & consistency (plus being organised towards deadlines) are the way to get stuff towards bigger goals done for Mums.

    • Brenda Janschek

      Oh wow, there’s some big changes Shell! Congrats on the new direction and loving the positive attitude. Best of luck.

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