I’m finally learning to prioritise

I’ve been travelling as well as can be expected for a busy working mum who is trying to also fit in studies for a Diploma of Business … until now, that is.

I have my first assessment due on the 2nd September which happens to coincide with the launch of a new eCourse I have created called THE FUSSY EATING BUNDLE.

Between creating the course and marketing it, blogging, seeing clients, and of course upholding the household/homemaker duties (which includes ferrying the kids around to all their activities), I am struggling to complete my assessment.

I’ve made the active choice NOT TO WORRY because it’s beyond my capacity to do it all! The course and assessment are important to me, and I will get to it, but there are other commitments which need my attention right now. Funnily enough, I owe my realistic approach to some of the insights absorbed through some of the activities on the course. Prioritising seems to be a skill I’m developing!

Another skill I’ve picked up from the course is ‘asking for help’. Not usually a strength of mine, but lately I’ve witnessed the benefits by enlisting help during this extra busy times. My kids have stepped it up with their chores doing more  folding, cooking and  washing dishes and  hubby has upped his portion of household duties also. In terms of running my business, hiring an assistant to help with the overload has been a god send.

I guess this means I’m learning.

I’m also going to ever so politely ask my mentor on the course for her help too, in the form of

“Can I have an extension please”

Wish me luck!

Any other study mamas out there? Are you on track?

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