My Bali Adventure Without the Kids

Before I left for my holiday I truly had no idea what to expect, but I fell in love with Bali!


If you read my previous blog post then you would know that I was tentative to leave my family and go, but go I did to celebrate the wonderful 40th milestone of my beautiful friend Jo, without a clue of what awaited me.



brenda-janschek-bali-back-streets-jos-40thAfter an easy 5hr flight from Sydney (I got upgraded to the seat with leg room, always appreciated when you are 5ft 9) and started and finished my fab book, The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes. We landed around 9pm to the hustle and bustle and beautiful warmth of Bali.

We arrived at our accommodation around 10pm, so our best bet was to grab a bite and drink at the oh-so-swanky W Hotel just down the road. Given my very distant history as a bit of Sydney nightclub/dance party lush (think circa Goodbar, Kinselas, Blue Room, Rat Parties), I’m not adverse to a bit of uber- fabulousness and the W Hotel had it in spades. With it’s absolute beachfront setting, landscaped gardens, tiered swimming pool, modern lounge beats and cocktail service, we had officially arrived. It’s worth noting that as ‘visitors’ to the W Hotel, we had to sit in a designated area of the resort, which is totally fair enough if you are a customer paying the huge $$$ it costs to stay there. As you can see there was really nothing to complain about : )



Bali sunsets are breathtaking.brenda-janschek-bali-sunset-potato-head-jpg



Running two business, a family and focusing on making wholesome meals from scratch for my family means shopping is something I’ve chosen to let go of in my general life. But when you go to Bali with some hard core shoppers (and hagglers!), you surrender and make the most of that energy and interest!! We explored all different types of shopping particularly while we were in Seminyak. From market stalls to funky little boutiques, to beach stalls. We shopped hard, then rested hard whilst nursing cocktails.


This is one of my favourite dresses, it’s got a gorgeous cut out in the back you can’t see. Bag, necklaces, bracelets, belt, also new : )


When we weren’t shopping, we were relaxing at our accomodation, Petingest 501 Seminyakbrenda-reading-by-pool-petitenget-51


Or one of many funky beachside cocktail bars or beach side bars such as this vibrant Spanish beach bar, La Plancha.


Or eating at one or another fabulous cafe or restaurant.


Cafe Organic’s speciality was their smoothie bowls, smoothies and chia puddings – so good!



Sisterfields was my favourite breakfast place.


The Bircher Muesli with saffron poached pear, raw date & chia seed granola, yoghurt and ramutan honey was divine.


But the Blueberry & Ricotta Pancake with pistachio & pumpkin seed granola, cultured butter and Canadian maple syrup was the real highlight with everyone digging their forks into this beauty. Lucky we ordered two.


For Jo’s birthday dinner, the tropical setting and beachside location Kudeta was the perfect backdrop for a special celebration and the food was super – delish. I shared the lamb shoulder for 2 with smoked eggplant, cucumber yoghurt, fattoush salad and grilled flatbread. Afterwards we couldn’t resist a bit more lounging around the pool followed by a walk on the warm sand with a dip of our toes in the ocean.




After 3 nights in Seminyak,  it was time to set off on our next adventure in Uluwatu, around an hours drive away. We had heard so much about the sheer beauty of the place and the resort we were staying at, and it didn’t disappoint. The vibe was totally different from Seminyak. As soon as we arrived at the incredible Alila Resort we were washed over by the peaceful energy. The air seemed fresher and the natural surroundings,breathtaking. No shopping here!

brenda-janschek-bali-alila-resort-jpgI had to pinch myself.


Our private pool!


Guest pool.brenda-janschek-bali-alila-main-pool-jpg

Mainly just relaxing and reading.

brenda-janschek-bali-alila-bookAnd ordering in.


And visiting more super cool places for dinner and cocktails like El Kabron Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club which is positioned on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Felt like a movie set.brenda-janschek-bali-elkabron-saxophone-jpg



The paella was to die for.


And catching elevators down to Sunday’s Beach Club for more relaxing, swimming, eating and cocktails.




On our final night at the Alila, the manager invited us for private drinks and canapes at their newly opened annexe. Check.It.Out.


Not too shabby huh : )

It’s not to say the trip went without hitch. Let’s just say 6 gals for 6 days, different personalities getting to know each other doesn’t come without, well, at least an itsy bit of drama. Also, after travelling to the airport for our night flight home, we discovered the flight was delayed for 5 hrs (departing now at 3am!) then waiting in the check in queue for hours, then being told our flight was cancelled for 24hrs! (Note: won’t fly Jetstar to Bali next time, might give Garouda a go). Dodgy taxi drivers, exhaustion, sunburn, confusion and kids needing to be sorted back in Sydney for the extra day. None of this could dampen the incredible time I had in Bali…. on my own!!

The taxi driver who returned us to the airport couldn’t believe that in that whole time we had only visited Seminyak and Uluwatu. When I return I’ll be seeking a more spiritual experience. I feel drawn to Ubud and the more remote Bali locations. I’m dreaming of waterfalls, rice paddies, temples, traditional markets, volcano treks and more stunning beaches. 

I was more than ready to see my kids once back. Daily texts from them kept me happy and connected, but there’s nothing like kissing their beautiful soft faces and seeing the love in their eyes. Now I’ve done it though, going away on my own will feel like a piece of cake next time. Though my next goal is to get a holiday with just the hubster and I. Gosh we need it.  Not as easy to orchestrate, but where there’s a will…

Bren x

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