My Top 5 Oils for Beautiful Skin

Most expensive skincare products contain a long list of chemicals that are absorbed by your skin (the body’s largest organ), which can have an affect on your hormone health and, in turn, affect your skin, nails and hair.

This also taxes your liver which then has to work overtime in order to try to detoxify the body from these chemicals.

To achieve glowing  skin, the remedy is simple – eat a varied, whole food diet consisting of unprocessed foods, a rainbow of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit along with healthy fats, protein and filtered water, and embrace a natural beauty routine.

Here are my Top 5 oils for achieving beautiful skin.

Frankincense – this oil has been used since ancient times for it’s beautifying properties. While it’s great for all skin types, it’s particularly good for, ahem, more mature complexions like mine : ) I just love it for its deep moisturising and skin-smoothing affects.

How to use: Mix 7-10 drops of oil to 30 mls of unscented oil like jojoba and apply it directly to the skin. Or just add a few drops into your favourite natural face cream or natural Vitamin E cream.

Rosemary – rosemary has anti-oxidizing and antiseptic properties that work to clean and protect the complexion. It has also been seen to calm inflammation, tighten the skin, minimise sagging and reduce puffiness and swelling.

How to use: Add one or two drops to your daily moisturiser or mix 7 drops with 30 mls almond oil or jojoba oil.

Lavender – lavender oil has powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and works wonders on sunburnt or dry skin. This one is sooo great for soothing and nourishing most skin types.

How to use: I like to mix 7-10 drops lavender oil in a quarter cup of coconut oil in a jar and gently rub onto my face and whole body too! 

Tea Tree Oil – also known as Melaleuca oil has some antiseptic properties which makes it a great natural skin-cleansing option, cleansing away dirt, toxins, and dead skin, it gives my skin a healthy-looking glow and keeping it blemish free.

How to use: Just pop some tea tree oil directly onto a cotton swab and use to wipe your face.

Peppermint Oil – is great for soothing and cooling my skin when it’s feeling inflamed and sore.  I find it also really helps to keep my skin clear. Those days when I get a surprise to see my reflection and my skin is looking worn out, I find the peppermint oil really gives it a pick me up and seems to really stimulate my skin’s oil production when it’s feeling dry or dehydrated. Just love it!

How to use: Use 4-5 drops of peppermint oil into a 30 mls mix of joboba and vitamin E cream and keep away from eye area as it stings!

Off course you can always use a mix of any of these oils to get all the benefits!

Note: Always to a small patch test on the face first to test for possible allergic reactions.

 Lavendar plant

Do you use any of these essential oils for your skin? What are your favourites? I would love to know in the comments below.

B x

The information above is not intended to replace advice from your qualified healthcare professional and is not intended as medical advice.

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