It’s no secret that kids don’t eat enough vegetables, and some eat hardly any at all!

Brenda Janschek - Dip a LiciousThis a problem because they are missing out on important nutrients, such as fibre, iron, calcium, carotenoids, vital to their long term health.

I’m excited to report however, that recent research shows, that kids are far more likely to try vegetables, and like them, if they are paired with a spicy dip.

My favourite vege stick dippers (or crudités if you’re of the French persuasion) include celery, carrot, red capsicum, carrot sticks, beans and snow peas.

Vegetable sticks and dips are great for gatherings, weekend lunches, lunchboxes, they are perfect for an after school pep me up and we always use them as our sandwich spreads.

Many kids often enjoy vege sticks to dip into almond/nut butter drizzled with maple syrup.

Fortunately, dips are quick and easy to make, and you can avoid the nasties you would find in most commercial dips which are full of additives, preservatives and the dreaded vegetable or canola oils.

So I have compiled some favourite dip recipes for you. I can assure you there is at least one dip here that will suit all tastes.

These dips are also full of goodness, so once you get your kids dipping in their vegetable sticks, it’s a win-win!

Thanks to all these mums for sharing their awesome recipes. Here we go –

The kids will have a ball dipping into this bowl of green fun by Natural New Age Mum.

Sonia’s Super Spinach Dip

Dip Sonias spinach dip

Here’s a delicious one for the Thermomixers (oh yay, that would be me now!) Quirky Cooking’s.

Dairy Free French Onion Dip

Dip Quirky

Kids love the flavour of Nachos-Cheese and this one from Additive Free Bites fits the bill.

Dairy Free Cheese spread

Dip - Nachos Cheese

Soooooo much goodness in packed into this super dip from Superfoodz for Kidz.

Lunchbox friendly Pepita Pesto

Just a few ingredients whizzed up in food processor is all it takes to make this delicious vibrant dip.

Pepita Pesto

We’ve always got hummos on the go around here, try this easy version by me.

Auntie Helen’s Hummos

Guacomole is always a winner and kids love to make it too , try this recipe by One handed cook.

Guacomole Dip

Dip - Guacomole One handed Chef
The colour! Need I say more. Another one from One handed cook.

Roasted Beetroot Dip

Dips - Roasted Beetroot Dip One handed Chef

So there you have it. Do your kids have a favourite healthy dip and vege dipper? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Bon Appetite!

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