Reduce Lunchbox Stress in 7 Easy Ways

Are you tired of wondering what is going to return home in your kids’ lunchbox?

Is the string section in your head already cueing the dramatic score that coincides with pulling out that lunchbox as if it’s ticking?

It’s disappointing when your child hasn’t eaten the food you have lovingly prepared, and it hurts to waste good food. I feel I’m turning into my father when I lecture my kids about people less fortunate. Anther step in that direction and I’ll have a funny laugh, electro-hair and wear pants that are too short.

Check out these 7 easy ways to help reduce lunchbox stress and turning into your parents : )

Build a Framework For Your Kids’ Lunch

So let us all silence our inner soundtracks before they turn into Meatloaf, breathe deeply, and reboot. Let’s explore different ways in which we can encourage our children to eat healthy foods.

Because kids burn up tons of energy growing, learning and playing, they need healthy meals to properly fuel them and keep their teachers sane.

With a little imagination and the right tools, lunch can be a surprise they look forward to.

Keep it fun & interesting

Rotate the lunch menu. Variety is exciting! Choose from pasta salads to green salads, mini-pizzas to egg muffins, pancakes, dips and crackers, fruit kebabs, and so on. Or, try breakfast for lunch in the form of a healthy bircher muesli!

Always include at least 1 favourite.

Use sandwich cutters to make different shapes.

Organise in advance

Batch cooking with the kids is fun and time-thrifty! The result is yummy food that they have actually prepared.

Preparing meals from scratch does take extra time, but you can multitask. Listen to a podcast or some of your favourite music. It is special bonding time with the kids where they have your full attention.

Freeze home-made muffins, yoghurt, pancakes, soups, individual egg frittatas.

Prepare the night prior with cut up fruits & vegetables, thaw frozen items, or peel hard-boiled eggs.

Kids choice

Allow the kids input into what they would like to eat (keep the boundaries tight, Mamas!). This makes them feel important, independent and confident. And more likely to eat the nutritious food!

Go Seasonal

Fruits & vegetables that are in season are fresh, tasty and cost-effective, while offering natural variation to our diet.

Keeping it safe

Make sure you use an ice brick or thermos or insulated containers as required during warmer and colder months.

Keep it clean

Simple, wholesome, nutrient dense whole foods in your kids lunchboxes help kids to concentrate, provide energy, help them to grow and allow them to function at their best.

Remember to include a big bottle of water.

Avoid nutrient deficient products that are processed, artificial and refined, particularly hydrogenated oils and trans fats, preservatives and grain products and sugars.

Healthy lunchbox basics

Home-made hummus and Mountain Bread chips with vege sticks
Spelt & Pancakes smeared with some raw honey, pureed apple and a sprinkly of cinnamon
Home-made raspberry, raw honey  and chia seed frozen yoghurt
Egg Muffins
Home made pizzas
Bliss Balls
Fruit kebabs
Air popped popcorn with organic butter and sea salt
Homemade muffins

Remember, variety in healthy meals begins at home. So introduce kids early to the whats and whys of nutrition, and lunchtime will become far easier.

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  2. Lia

    Really great advice Brenda. The week before school starts up again (yeah!) is full of thought given to healthy lunch ideas and correlating this with what my kids will actually eat, keep them well fuelled for the day and my organisational skills. It was great to revisit this post.

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