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When it comes to overall wellbeing, eating well and exercising is only part of the picture.  In some ways what we put on our skin is even more important than what we eat.

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe Feature

Sooooo many harmful chemicals are constantly messing with our endocrine and reproductive systems and increasing our risk of serious illness.

It’s been a gradual process, but over time I have been replacing all the toxic products in my home with natural alternatives,  with my make up bag taking centre focus the last few years.

As my kids grow up, they are now asking for things like hair gel, deodorant and lip gloss, so it’s my aim to set them off on the right foot and protect them from and teach them how to avoid  the toxins abundant in these types of products.

As a starting point I’m going to introduce you to my new toxic-free products and I thought I’d ask toxins expert ALEXX STUART a few questions to enlighten us a little about what and why we should be avoiding  in certain products, so I hope you find this helpful.

Just to let you know that all the products I purchased were from my affiliate shop Nourished Life which is my favourite and most trusted online store for purchasing ‘safe’ products.

Hair Gel

Q: Vanity has hit my 11yr old son also who has a thick ravage of hair, and in order to save him from looking like Ray Martin, the mop needs some taming so I’m curious to know what to avoid when choosing a hair gel.

A: We do NOT want him looking like Ray Martin… Ricky Martin on the other hand… Ok, time and a place. Sorry Bren. So, hair gel, you’re wanting to avoid fake scents. You’re also looking out for petroleum. You know the saying ‘my hair looks like an oil slick?’ well, we don’t want that to be literal, ie, using ingredients that come from oil slicks. Bad for us. Bad for the planet. Natural waxes are best and there are heaps of great brands. Your choice is a lovely one for sure!

My choice hair gel: Pineapple Head


Brenda Janschek - Family Safe


Q: I  love a highlight on the old cheekbone to give a bronzed healthy glow and some shape to the face but had no idea how worrisome the talc component of blushers was?

A: Talc free is key with any powdered cosmetics. Talc is NASTY capital N and I cringe at all those baby bottoms out there being talced just as mine was! I go into more detail in my Low Tox course.

My choice of blush: Lavera Sun Glow Mineral Bronzer Duo

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe


Q: My son has grown up super fast and at 11yrs of age is noticing the other boys using deodarant and is getting a bit whiffy himself. He’s asked me if he can buy him some deodarant but what should parents look out for when making this purchase?

A: There are so many weird ingredients in mainstream deodorants but the two to avoid are fake fragrance and aluminium. Fake fragrance is where phthalates hide and these are part of a class of chemicals labelled “endocrine disrupting” meaning they can upset our hormonal activity in the body. This is a total disaster for any age, BUT super critical during puberty and pre- puberty when the sex hormones are still very much finding their feet. Aluminium has been linked to cancer as well as IQ impairment and later dementia, so we really don’t want that anywhere near our pits – one of our biggest detoxifier areas of the body.

My Deodorant Choice: Black Chicken Axilla Deodarant Paste

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe


Q: I love using eyeliner for special occasions, it shapes and opens up the eye. Are there any nasties lurking in there too?

A: With any black cosmetics you want to look out for tar / petroleum based ingredients.

My choice of eyeliner : Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner Pencil – Black Caviar




Q: I have found it hard to find a fantastic non-toxic mascara that works well and doesn’t run, until I found 100% Pure. What are some better ingredients look out for when making the best choice?

A: With any black cosmetics you want to look out for tar / petroleum based ingredients.  You want to avoid “waterproof” mascaras that don’t disclose how they’re waterproofed. Believe it or not Teflon creeps into “waterproof” most things. Ensure it’s a natural was or almond oil that makes it water proof.

My choice of mascara: 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe

Lip Gloss

Q: This one is for my 9yr old daugher who does suffers the occasional dry lip, particularly in the winterime. She enjoys having something both moisturising with a bit of shine and colour for some fun. What are we looking out for here?

A: You want to avoid fake smells again – If it stinks of fake strawberry or cherries, you’ve got phthalates hiding in there. You also want to avoid petroleum again here. We ‘eat’ what’s on our lips and we don’t want to be eating petroleum derived products as our bodies store them in our fat tissues and they’re extremely hard to detox from.

My choice of lip gloss: 100% Pure Lip Gloss ( I use this for myself also and often pop it over my lipstick to get a bit of a sexy shine happening)

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe


Q: I’ve learnt that my favourite red lipstick can be one of the most toxic of all make up products in my make-up bag. Time to say bye bye. What are the main toxic ingredients and what are the health repurcussions?

A:With lipstick, you want to be sure it doesn’t contain petroleum or lead. Especially red shades, susceptible to containing lead which  is harmful to practically every system in our bodiesBest is to google as there are many tests done on brands. New lipstick brands of the natural ilk state ‘lead free’ most often now.

My choice of lipstick: 100% Pure Vegan Lip Glaze

Brenda Janschek - Family Safe


Q: I don’t really wear much foundation but can’t go without my concealer so I’m keen to know if these can be toxic too?

A: The main thing to watch for with concealer is preservative types which we go over in the Low Tox course, and also again petroleum.

My choice of concealer: 100% Pure Brightening ConcealerBrenda Janschek - Family Safe

Now, Brenda I feel I have to say to your lovely readers: I don’t want anyone out there to be panicking if all of this is news to you with the brief answers to these questions above. There’s been a lot of dodgy stuff allowed in cosmetics and skin care for decades without question. Now the evidence that a lot of it’s no good, is too great to ignore. I love that in my course, ’30 Days to your Low Tox Life” we lay all of that out and get all the great brand swaps happening, as well as the knowledge to equip you to be a great detective whatever the brand you come across… The best we can do is say to ourselves: Alright. I’m going to learn one new thing today and change one new thing each week or month and all those changes will add up to a low tox life in no time, and we’ll be free from all the nasties. Focus on the positive changes ahead, rather than spending time feeling guilty about what you’ve done up until this point.

What a thrill to have the amazing Alexx Stuart answering my questions on the blog today which I’m sure has been an eyeopener.

I’d love to hear about any fabulous Low-Tox make-up products you also swear by, so please share the love in the comments so other readers can benefit.

Bren x

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  1. Meaghan

    Thank you for this….Over the last 10 years I’ve slowly been cutting out the nasties that go into my body but had never thought what was going onto my body.

    It is all so very interesting – and with 4 little girls to raise and teach – the more I learn the better off they will be.

    Thank you again for sharing x

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