Why my husband ditched the cleansers for a cleanse

I’ve been trying to get my husband to do my cleanse for, well, forever. I kept reminding him how he wasn’t as invincible as he was when we first met, but strangely that didn’t whip into action. Go figure.

Brenda Janschek - Seasonal EatingAnyhow, my persistence seems to have paid off, because he’s agreed to do my Break Through! Signature Cleanse to address a few health niggles.

Knowing how many husbands have gone along for the Break Through! ride with their wives (and received tremendous benefit from it) probably helped! And I’ll be shepherding the poor darling through it, you know, just in case he starts coming apart at the seams given his appetite.

So join my husband (Adrian) as he journals his experience of the cleanse. Here we go……

Written by Adrian Janschek

In an effort to get on top of a few health problems, I decided – well, was ordered (also known as gently and lovingly suggested) to take on one my wife’s Break Through Program. Given I’m more partial to a ‘cleanser’ than a cleanse, as well as a self-confessed chocolate degenerate, this was always going to be an interesting endeavour.

So, to mark the end of my hedonistic lifestyle for 3 weeks and step into the chocolate-less unknown, I guzzled a couple of glasses of red and nibbled a couple if choccy drops from the baking cupboard, before later washing it down with a glass of milk.

Oh yes, I am a bad man.

Rock. And. Roll.

After a coffee and a jam donut on my first morning, I was ready to give this cleansy thingee a good old crack for the remainder of the day! I am nothing if not stoic and iron-willed …

I’m kidding!!!

The reality was that I was facing a chia pudding and a cup of Rooibos tea, a slightly different approach than normal, and yet strangely tasty! Who knew? And waiting in the fridge was my grass-fed sausage and vegetable salad. Given the fact that finding a decent meal in my part of the city is about as likely as me winning an argument at home, this was actually an upgrade … And continues to be.

Brenda Janschek - Husband Cleanse

The reason I’ve decided on this type of cleanse is to address some lingering issues such as persistent headaches, lack of energy generally, moodiness and feeling bloated after meals, to name a bunch. I’m a real catch, no doubt about it. I felt the cleanse was a good way to remove potential trigger foods and those foods that are known to cause problems for those with intolerances, then observe the results before reintroducing foods such as eggs, dairy, Tim Tams and James Boag etc etc in piecemeal form once it’s over. Hopefully I’ll get a good handle on whether I do have any food intolerances which we can then single out and treat. Or just avoid.

For those interested, I’ll update the results of my first week and what I’ve learned in coming days. If you don’t hear from me, I could be curled up in a corner amongst a mountain of Toblerone wrappers and remnants of assorted grains and dairy. If so, call the President. But I’m confident we won’t reach that point.

Til later …

Stay tuned for the next instalment to find out how he went on the cleanse….

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