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In my studies as a health coach, we learnt the concept of primary foods which encompass areas in life other than food (referred to as secondary food), like spirituality, relationships, creativity and also career being one of them.

As an entrepeneur and coach, I speak with lots of women who are dissatisfied with their jobs, or mums who want to sound out a business idea.

Many of us find it difficult to be focused on the possibilities out there when confronted with the challenges and demands of our fast-paced and ever-evolving world.

But it’s worth taking time out to identify and cultivate your work dreams and desires that exist for you at the core of your being.

I’m six months into my Diploma of Business with Business Mamas which has not only given me amazing business training and some great insights into myself as a business owner, it has allowed me space to consolidate the direction I want my business to take, and has sparked a new business angle which I am now well equipped to explore thanks to my learnings on the course.

Remember, transitions can be challenging, but this is your life! Remain committed to the process of self-discovery and be open to exploring your passion in healthy, honest ways. Once you begin to see fear as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, you will create fewer limitations for yourself, and the Universe will guide and support you along the way!

For those feeling the fear, here’s a little giveaway especially for you.

Reader Giveaway – This comp is now closed.

Business Mamas would like to supply my readers with a copy of Lisa Messenger’s book LIFE & LOVE, CREATING THE DREAM valued at $29.95

Brenda Janschek -  Life and LifeIn this book, serial entrepreneur Lisa Messenger and editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine offers insights into the support system, strategies and relationships, which allow her to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of running a profitable, multi-platform start-up. Lisa’s personal journey is proof that no mistake is undoable, no relationship is unfixable and no failure is in vain if you have the right attitude and an abundance of gratitude. 

For your chance to win, all you need to do is share what your dream career would be and how could Business Mamas help you in the comments.

Terms and Conditions: Australian Residents Only (excluding ACT) ; Giveaway will end midnight on Monday 14th December 2015. Winner will be announced on this blog and also sent an email.

NB: Business Mamas is an accredited online business school designed to help you launch your new business. Whether it be launching a micro business for extra cash or starting the next big business sensation, it’s all about you and your goals! Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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  1. Michelle

    My dream career would be doing something I’m passionate about, first and foremost. I’m still trying to find my path, but I’d love to find my path in the health and fitness industry, helping to make peoples lives healthier and happier. I still have a lot to learn about the business industry, so I’d love to win this beautiful book. I can always use a little inspiration in my life and this looks like it would offer bucket loads. Thanks for giveaway 🙂

  2. Jess Cooper

    I have many dreams- I’m a Gemini!

    I have learnt a new skill lately, in my pottery class, and that is to print photographs onto clay. For an exhibition recently, I created a series of tiles using my favourite photos I took in Cambodia many years ago. As soon as I learnt this new skill within the medium of clay, I knew I wanted to use these photos.

    Since, I have had the idea of printing portraits, particularly children’s, onto porcelain. A very different way of capturing memories and displaying them… I have many thoughts and ideas within this. Porcelain is a material which is very pure, white and clear. Portraits emailed to me would be edited slightly to create more contrast, then printed. These prints are then mixed with some materials and printed onto the clay- a magical process! Fired twice, they become strong, simple artwork of your family, friends or favourite place.

    Thankyou for the invitation to express my dreams!!


  3. Liz

    I love learning new things and passing on my knowledge, so my dream job would be to do something that enables me to do both of these things. Either teaching underprivileged kids, or something in an adult learning environment. Business Mamas would help me to achieve this goal, by helping me review what I need to do to get there. I love the fact that they are online, so I can juggle my day job, kids and study.

  4. Donna Maree Germon

    My dream career would be to take a leap and start up a wholefood venture to source and supply wonderful on the go snacks and grab and go meals for people that would end up being as prolific as the dreaded fast food chains are!

  5. RMAU

    I loved the interview i really connected with this article. I have taken some big leaps in my life they did not pan out well. Disappointment discouragement are 2 emotions I am unfortunately familiar with. I definitely think this book could give me some useful tools that i so desperately need.I tired of being down in the dumps

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Grab your free copy of my 'Think Outside the Cereal Box' ebook with deliciously healthy breakfast recipes and you'll also receive family-friendly recipes and healthy living inspiration directly in your inbox!

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