My Favourite Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner …

If you’re like me you’re panicking a bit, and don’t know what your going to get your loved ones for Mother’s Day, you’re going to find this bunch of  beautiful items handy because you can buy them all online for your mum, grandmother or you can hint for yourself if anyone happens asks : )



S’well Calacatta Gold 500 ml Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

Gosh I’d feel special and blingy getting one of these water bottles! My current one is old and quite smashed up…hint, hint! (they have lots of gorgeous finishes to choose from).

Betty Bossi Veggie Twister

Gives you vegetable spaghetti in seconds!

Hemp Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

I would adore a set of these beautiful, natural hemp organic cotton blend sheets to sink into every night.  


Mandy Rose Beeswax Candles

I love these beautiful Australian made 100% natural candles which purify the air and invigorate the body.


Wheatbags Love Eye Mask – Rainforest Clouds

When your brain senses pure darkness, it signals the production of the melatonin which is the sleep chemical, vastly improving your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

I love these ones because they are locally and ethically made and the watercolour prints are so lovely.

Non-toxic Nail Polish

So many gorgeous colours to choose from! I’m thinking the Coral Blush, Impeachment, The Future is Female or Narcissist. Just.Can’t. Choose!


Salt by Hendrix Body Glow

A gorgeous bath oil to leave your skin bronzed, glowing and radiant. Extremely hydrating and offers an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Suitable for day and night. Divine!

Body Brush

A body brush is a must have to ensure we are draining the lymphatic system, detoxifying, exfoliating every day. The natural bristles in this beechwood bath brush are perfect for massaging the skin and stimulating  blood circulation. I do love an extra long handle to get to those hard-to-reach areas.


BODY BRUSHEssential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated liquids made of aromatic compounds from plants. The best essential oils are typically steam-distilled and 100 percent pure.

Sensation – This is going to be my gift to myself. I only had a sample of this scent and OMG, it’s just so me. It combines fragrant, feminine essential oils that are uplifting and refreshing. Diffusing it made me want to curl up on the lounge with a good romance novel and escape. It’s currently my fave. 




Stress Away Roll- On

This can be bought singularly but also comes in the Premium Starter Kit (below). Not only do I use it as a toxic free perfume, but while I’m swanning around smelling great, ‘stress away’ is also helping me feel relaxed, calming my nerves and gives me a deep, restful sleep when I apply it at bedtime.


young living


Premium Starter Kit

In every way possible it’s important to create healing environments in our body, and essential oils are one way to help do this.The essential oils in this starter kit are just so beautiful and soothing. They
evoke relaxation and a positive feeling, which promotes healing in the body. Isn’t that what every mum wants?  Add a few drops of lavender for a relaxing bath, diffuse some peppermint to create a sense of calm or ‘purification’ to detoxify the air, ‘francincense’ is perfect for meditation or to promote a beautiful complexion. Note: the ‘Stress Away Roll On’ mentioned above comes with this kit.


You can email me directly to learn more about this or any Young Living products.

What are you hoping to receive this Mother’s Day?

Don’t forget to treat yourself too. I always like to do that because it reduces the expectation and potential disappointment of not getting exactly what you wanted (we’ve all been there!). 

Bren x

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