How I Created a Calm and Peaceful Home

If I’m being honest, I haven’t always thrived in my life as a homemaker, in fact I struggled to keep my home tidy and organised.

I battled bulging closets and random clutter strewn about and overstuffed junk drawers that threatened to overtake us. Which is so bizarre for me as I don’t function well at all without order but it all just got away from me. I used to dread coming home from holidays, where everything was always minimal and spick and span, and face the disarray that was my home.

Now I am thriving in a completely organised home and I’m revelling in the degree of organisation I’ve managed to achieve. The biggest barrier to creating a calm, peaceful, relaxing home, was simply that I was completely overwhelmed with where to start!

It took me months of research and trial and error to find what worked best for me, and I’m still very much a work in progress with so much still to organise, but my oh my, have things turned around for us at home!

Below is a little peaceful piece of my kitchen.

And isn’t my study nook soooo relaxing?! Can’t thank my architect and decorators enough for bringing my vision to life!

There’s no more hunting for a particular white T-shirt in an overstuffed wardrobe because there it is sitting with all the other white tops hanging beautifully on my black velvet hangers.

No more ‘where is my biscuit tray I need to bake cookies’ because there it is in my neatly separated kitchen drawer. No more where is the Mirin I need to make fried rice because there it is with the rest of my bottles in the side compartment of my fridge (which I simply adore btw hence why two pictures!).

All the bottles go in one spot now so I’m not fishing around the back of the fridge looking for them.

How gorgeous are my open shelves. Yes, more to dust but totally worth it!

Having an organised home and life has made everything easier. And I’ve trained the rest of the family up too, it honestly didn’t take long. I think it’s because they loved the benefits of being neat and tidy and organised too. The kids start the day making their beds, it ain’t always perfect, but it’s good enough, and they also know to return everything to it’s place. If I’m honest, it’s the hubby who has been hardest to train up (!) but we’re getting there, and I’ve learnt I’m going to have to let some things go 🙂

As Marie Kondo says, “putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life”.

I can tell you that with everything now neat and tidy and everything in it’s place, life now feels calmer, easier, and I am much more happy and relaxed as a result.

Bren x

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