‘Hit the spot’ home-made Chai tea with a twist

I recently attended the Surf Lifesaving NSW State Championships in Newcastle to watch my daughter compete. History repeated itself and delivered dreary, rainy, miserable weather.


#italwaysrainsatstate is a well known mantra. And I can vouch for its authenticity, lol!

Truth be told, we all still love it anyway, but just picture hoardes of dripping, freezing parents manoeuvring through a sea of umbrellas in order to catch a glimpse of their kids … Down in front!

At the end of one very long day of events this year, I turned up at my friend’s accommodation where we were bunking that night, completely waterlogged with sand sticking to every bit of me. Ugh! Ok, ok, this is the bit I can do without. Anyway, I was never more desperate for a warm, soothing cuppa as I was then!

My friend kindly pointed me to the pantry where I discovered there were only basic black tea teabags (in this day and age?) and not even a green tea bag in sight. Given I’m almost allergic to caffeine, and have been known to bounce of the walls if I have it after 2pm, I was determined to find an alternative. I rummaged through the cupboard and found inspiration in the spice rack, from which I was able to concoct a Chai-esque blend. My friend found the whole thing quite amusing.

“Only you, Brenda”, were the words I could hear her mutter.

This magically rich, spicy, warming and healing tea was the perfect companion for me and the large armchair I was snuggling into. Pure and instant relaxation.

Since returning home, I’ve discovered I don’t have to be desperately cold and drenched to enjoy this newly discovered blend. I’ve been enjoying it ever since with the same spices I have in my cupboard and loving it just as much. I think the little twist of adding the cayenne pepper was quite inspired on my part, and is actually my favourite bit of the tea.

And let’s not forget the medicinal properties contained in these tasty little spices. You’ve got to love it! Check it out…

Cinnamon – Sweet, spicy and stimulating, cinnamon is known for it’s warming effects, as well as balancing blood sugar and aiding digestion. It can help with menstrual pain and inflammation, and fights infection.

Nutmeg – Warming, aromatic, and stimulating to the brain and nervous system. It also helps ease anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress. Wonderful for the skin, liver and kidneys.

Ginger – Aids digestion and is both warming and soothing to the body. Great for menstrual pain.

Cardamon – Helps combat depression, aids digestion, detoxifies and is considered an aphrodisiac.

Cayenne Pepper – Great for circulation, detoxifying, cramping and headaches.


Hit the spot home-made Chai tea with a twist
Serves 1
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Prep Time
1 min
Prep Time
1 min
  1. Ground cinnamon, a good shake or two use mostly cinnamon as it provides the base for this tea, plus balance and sweetness.
  2. Ground nutmeg, pinch or small shake
  3. Ginger powder, healthy pinch or nice shake
  4. Cardamom, pinch or small shake
  5. Cayenne pepper, small pinch
  1. Pop all ingredients straight into a small cup or mug, pour over boiling water and stir well. Enjoy!
  1. All spice amounts can be adjusted to suit your taste.
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Bren x

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  1. Kate Bowern

    Brenda this sounds delicious. I have Cardamom pods at home, could I somehow use these? Thank you x

    • Brenda Janschek

      Yes lovely Kate, you need to open up the pod to get to the seed first and then grind them up in a mortar and pestle.

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