Kitchen Reboot – Putting the Boot into the Kitchen

The foundation of healthy eating is a healthy kitchen. So clean out the junk and replace it with items that will enable you to construct some nutritious, wholesome, down to earth meals.


Eliminate junk

Get rid of unhealthy, highly processed junk foods which are nutrient deficient, detrimental to health and full of chemicals. You can hardly call them food, though they are easily over-eaten! They can cause you to suffer health issues now, and in the future, and can also cause you to gain weight due to their high calorie count.

Avoid Low-fat

Avoid low-fat or fat-free products as these products often contain high amounts of sugar and salt, which are unhealthy, and can actually be more fattening. Yoghurt & breakfast cereals are good example of low-fat options to avoid.

Be Aware

Even once you remove the above foods, there are more than likely many hidden unhealthy foods in your kitchen. I believe the reason is because of invested marketing efforts which promote food as healthy when they are actually not.

Read Ingredients

Read the ingredient list and nutrition facts panel on each package. Examples of things to avoid are hydrogenated fats, additives, colourings, refined sugars and flours.

Replace condiments

Avoid purchasing dressings and marinades which tend to be high in salt and sugar, and swap for more fresh and dried herbs and spices, vinegars and oils. Oh, and they taste better!


Real Food

Restore your pantry & fridge with real healing foods that are brimming with nutrients, essential for energy and longevity.

Buy Organic

Focus on buying mostly organic fruits and vegetables & dry goods where you can. If you find this gets too pricy there are options to make it less expensive. For example, you can join a co-op, buy in bulk, buy seasonally and at farmers markets, or prioritise your organic purchases to include fruits and vegetables that tend to have the highest chemical residues, for example apples and strawberries.

Easy options

Have healthy replacements on hand for those extra busy times when you just need an easy option. Some examples are canned beans, rice cakes, muesli bars, popcorn & coconut water. But remember, read the labels and always opt for the healthiest brands.

If you are new to the real food lifestyle, or you are just ready to overhaul your pantry and fridge, let me inspire you through my Kitchen Reboot program, where I personally visit your home where we will enjoy a few hours of fun working together towards replacing any unhealthy foods which may be lurking in your kitchen.

Please take a moment to explore my program further here.

Have a healthful day!

Bren x

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