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They say you don’t miss it until it’s gone.

Brenda Janschek - Celebrate Just Me Feature

Peace and quiet and freedom, I’m talking about, not a working internet connection, though there’s no way to disturb tranquility quite like your Wifi bludging on the job!

So, when Hubby took the kids away for a few days to allow me to fully concentrate on a busy work schedule, I made the most of it. Granted, it felt kind of odd initially. Not having the family around for an extended period of time is very rare, and it’s not something I seek out. But as the general background noise flittered away, as did the feeling of responsibility to anyone but myself, I kind of got into it and my displacement disappeared. Ok, ok, not having to repeat myself every five minutes and a lack of screeching also helped!

My first (excrutiatingly difficult) decision was to go for walk. A sense of peace washed over me. How naughty – an afternoon walk. I never do this! Working all day, spending time with kids and/or prepping dinner is the usual fare in the afternoon.

It was liberating knowing I  had  nowhere to be. I could stop and talk to locals (not in a creepy way) as I meandered around the coastline without worrying that I had somewhere to be or duties to perform at home. How good is taking your time, arriving home and pouring a glass of wine (I didn’t want to spill any while I was power walking), and relaxing with a movie on TV?


All in ‘me’ time.

I have friends who semi-regularly take themselves away to a health spa, or holiday with their friends. They can’t recommend it highly enough, and it’s only natural to be just that tinsy bit jealous. But for one reason or another, I’ve found it difficult to seperate from my kids and family, whose company and presence I love so much. Whether part of the reason is being uncomfortable separating from routine, or a mother’s sense of guilt, or something else, it’s something I’d like to explore. After all, ‘me’ time is an important part of all our lives, and more than just a morning walk before re-entering reality.

After a few days on my own, which included shopping and catching up with friends (in between and after work!), I can more clearly appreciate the benefits having some downtime and breaking away from the routine. Yes, even from the family every now and then! Now, it’s not like I want my three children … er, husband and two children … galavanting around without me on a regular basis. It just happened to work out that way this time.

It sure is nice to focus on yourself and unwind with a sense of freedom occasionally.

No responsibilities. No guilt. Just me.

Bren x

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  1. Kristin

    I agree with you whole heartedly…I love being with my family too but just to be completely on your own for just a little while it really liberating!

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