The Hidden Dangers of Commercial Hand Sanitisers (and the one I recommend)

During this age of Coronavirus when it’s hard to get to a tap to wash hands with soap and water, hand sanitiser is the next best option and has been used on high rotation to battle the spread.

It pays to know there are all sorts of hand sanitiser products going around, including an influx of cheap hand sanitiser coming from China which you can pick up from the supermarket or pharmacy which contain lots of nasties which can be damaging to our health, especially with the increase in regular use.

Please take a read of these two articles on the hidden dangers of hand sanitisers. Here’s an article by The Street and another article here.

It’s compulsory for my kids to sanitise before entering school, before every class, before recess and lunch ….. That’s ALOT of sanitising and it all adds up!

So you know me, always on the lookout for the best natural alternatives for the sake of our kids, and one of my faves is the 123 Nourish Me On The Go Hand Sanitiser. You can read all about why it’s my preferred option below. I just pop into my kids pockets and bags and I don’t have to worry about any negative impacts to their health.

Here’s a comparison of the 123 Nourish Me ‘On The Go’ Hand Sanitiser versus imported Chinese version

– Australian Made and Owned versus Made in China and imported
– 100% Natural versus Synthetic Ingredients
– Full ingredient disclosure versus Hidden ingredients
– 70%vv alcohol versus Undisclosed percentages
– Pure Essential Oils versus Artificial Fragrances/Parfum (possible neurotoxin)
– No Nasties versus Triclosan (decreases immunity, increases allergies, increases asthma, environmental toxin, hormone disruptor), Acrylates/C10-30, Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymere, -Triethanolamine (toxic, allergen), Benzalkonium (uses Benzine in it’s production), Chloride (toxic, skin irritant)

The only ingredients in the 123 Nourish Me On the Go Sanitiser are:

✔️ 70% Ethyl Alcohol
✔️ Purified Water, Glycerol
✔️ Lime Oil
✔️ Grapefruit Peel Oil

If you want to keep your family safe stock up with the “On The Go’ hand sanitiser here.

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