Daily Habits to Create More Calm at Home by Natalie Walton

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life right now creating a calm home can really help

Pic credit Natalie Walton ,photographer Lynden Foss

During my renovations there were a few favourite accounts of designers and stylists I followed, on the top of my list was Natalie Walton’s instagram feed.

What drew me to her beautiful account was the sense of calm her home evokes (even though she has 4 kids!), her sentiments around sustainability and her use of timeless, natural objects.

The other day her tips on ‘Daily Habits to Create a Calm Home’ really resonated with me. At this point in we are experiencing major lockdown in Sydney and our homes have never been more important. I thought Natalie’s checklist contained wonderful ideas to live by to help us get through these difficult times. I particularly loved tip No 5 which really made me stop and think and take a different perspective about boundaries.

I am sharing these tips with Natalie’s permission, because I thought they might resonate with you too. Natalie elaborates on these individual tips in her original post here.

Daily Habits to Create More Calm at Home

1. Clear clutter – Don’t underestimate the impact this has on how you feel. Even one surface or nook can make a difference.

2. Tidy as you go – Make life easy for yourself, and break it down into small manageable steps.

3. Take responsibility – Focus less on other people’s behaviour and more on your own. Be proactive about what you can do and control.

4. Work as a team – Set small goals that you can achieve together and celebrate small wins with free/fun time.

5. Create daily rhythms – While we often think boundaries and rules are restrictive they actually create more freedom.

6. Start the day right – Morning routines are important. Get up before everyone else and have some time to yourself – to exercise, journal, plan your day or just be.

7. Create a sanctuary – Make your bed every day, and create a bedroom that feels restorative. (See point 1 – clear the clutter.)

8. Embrace rituals – Incorporate simple pleasures into your day – a quiet coffee, lighting a candle after everyone has gone to bed – whatever it is to make you feel good.

9. Eat well – Food has a huge impact on how we feel every day. Cutting sugar out of my diet was one of the best things I ever did.

10. Reduce alcohol consumption – Another simple idea to make you feel better every day. I rarely drink, and it’s another one of those decisions that has had a HUGE impact on how I feel and function every day.

Please let me know in the comments what you find is helping you during lockdown.

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Bren x

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