Top 13 Coconut Flour Recipes

As more people discover the health benefits of coconut flour, it’s growing in popularity, and not just for those who follow a Paleo or gluten-free diet or who have Celiac disease. 

Brenda-Janschek-Top-Thirteen-Coconut-Flour-Recipes.jpg.Coconut flour is high in fibre, healthy fats and protein and has a low GI.

The flour is  made from ground and dried coconut meat and it’s good to remember that it can’t be used as a direct swap for other flours in recipes. That would be a recipe for disaster. So please don’t try to take a traditional recipe and convert to a coconut flour recipe, it just won’t work.

Bascially, when using coconut flour, you will inevitably need less flour and more liquid in the ratios.

Here’s a bunch of recipes from some very talented recipe writers, follow these and you won’t go wrong.

Chocolate Pudding with Gooey Bits by Low Tox Life

Brenda Janschek_

Almond, Lemon & Coconut Steamed Pudding by Quirky Cooking 

Brenda Janschek_-6

Berry Mug Cake by Becomingness

Brenda Janschek_-7

Gluten and Nut-Free Apple Bread by Becomingness

Brenda Janschek_-10

Berry and Walnut Crumble Slice by Mummy Made It

Brenda Janschek_-3

Carrot Cake by Natural New Age Mum


Healthy Tiny Teddies by Mummy Made It

Brenda Janschek_-5

Lemon Drizzle Cake by Yummy Inspirations

Brenda Janschek_-11

Paleo Banana Loaf by Dom’s Kitchen

Brenda Janschek_-8

Brownie Cake by Brenda Janschek Health and Lifestyle

Brownie Cake

And a few savoury recipes…

Carrot and Parsnip Muffins by The Joyful Table

Brenda Janschek_-13

Super-simple Salmon Patties by The Holistic Nutritionist

Brenda Janschek_-9

Gaps Wraps by Quirky Cooking

Brenda Janschek_-4



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