The Best Teen Lunch Box containers (they won’t be embarrassed to use)

When kids become teenagers the biological pull to fit in becomes all encompassing and that goes for their lunch box containers too!

Which means the old Bento Box may no longer cut it.

I’ve been getting lots of messages from parents asking me what lunch boxes my teens take to school.

Parents who understand the importance of good nutrition for growing teens but have to somehow convince them to take a packed lunch rather than money for the canteen.

Not to mention that most kids still take their lunch wrapped in plastic wrap or in zip lop bags, not really understanding the impact this single use plastic has on our earth.

The challenge is to pick a non-toxic lunch box, that’s easy to clean, kind to the earth, and which won’t make our teens stick out like a sore thumb at school.

NB: I’ve always bought  from and affiliated with Biome Stores because their vision is to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wonderous planet for now, and for those who come after us.’ And because they have very strict standards and go to great lengths to source products that are not only free from toxins and all synthetic preservatives and fragrances.My kids are now 15 and 17yrs old (!) and here’s what they’ve been using the past few years …

U Konserve Rectangle Container with Divider 

My kids starting using the U Konserve container in high school and it’s still going strong. It’s great for salads, leftovers, wraps, sushi, rice paper rolls …. The removable divider is great when you want to divide food, like sandwiches and snacks. These are lightweight and easy to wash. I think it’s the plastic (recyclable) lid rather than stainless steel which gets it over the line for my teens. U Konserve have a heap of cool looking containers of all different shapes and sizes which you can check out here.

This mage contains the Haloumi and Cous Cous salad from my Easy Wholefood Lunchboxes recipe ebook.

I’ve got this large, square U Conserve lunchbox on order because the older my kids get the more they request more big salad type meals for lunch and I think this will be the perfect size.

Pic credit: Biome Stores

I love the look of these Ever Eco Stainless Steel Round Containers too and have ordered a set for my daughter because she’ll love that the lids match the many, many different colour bikini’s she’s been buying this summer ?

Pic credit: Biome Stores

Thermos double wall food jar black trim 470ml 16oz

These are perfect for keeping food hot in Winter and cool in Summer. I pack things like soups, dumplings, spag bol, smoothies, yoghurt/fruit and granola, bircher muesli, chicken nuggets, everything! Here’s a great post for when the weather cools off with 10 Warm and Hot Meals to pack for School Lunches. 

Pic Credit: Biome Stores

EcoPocket Sandwich Pocket

When it comes to sandwiches, my teens still use reusable sandwich wraps in different designs I bought years ago. These Sandwich pockets are a great alternative if you’re kids are concerned about fitting in with everyone else at school. They’re reusable, low-tox and replace those single use plastic zip lock bags which clog our landfill.

Pic Credit: Biome Stores


When it comes to insulated bags, we keep it low key black for my son with this Packit Freezable Classic Lunchbox.

A good alternative is the Sistema range of insulated bags which you can get from supermarkets and places like K-Mart.

Pic Credit: Biome Stores

Eco Vessel Boulder Triple Insulated Bottle

The key to water bottles for teens is no babyish logo and no spouts. Just undo the top and take a swig and extra points if it’s insulated, let alone triple insulated keeping things cold for 72 hours and hot for 14hrs. Oh, not to mention best go for the most unobtrusive colour. These bottles are long lasting and top notch quality.

Photo Credit: Biome Stores


Now all that’s left to do is pack those new lunch boxes full of goodness. Let me help you with some inspo

17 Sweet and Easy School Lunchbox Ideas

10 Savoury School Lunchbox Ideas

My Easy Wholefood Lunchboxes Recipe Ebook is also packed with 40 delicious nut-free, sweet and savoury wholefood recipes your kids will love! Grab your copy here! 

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